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A Valentine’s thought from WestWays Vending

 A valentine’s thought from WestWays Vending
Get married by the “Autowed” vending machine!

In 2011 Marvin’s Marvellous Mechanical Museum in Detroit, Michigan, bought a new vending machine that enables couples to get married for just $1.

Devised by British company Concept Shed, the “Autowed” has a robotic voice that takes couples through their vows, at the end of which they either press one button for “I do” or another for “escape”. For those who make the commitment, they get a wedding receipt and 2 plastic rings.
Click here to see the machine.

What could be less romantic?! I don’t think you will be seeing this addition to our range of vending services in Sussex, Kent and Surrey just yet!

Enjoy your Valentines Day, what ever you are doing, romantic or otherwise!
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