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Cadbury Cocoa House?

After Cadburys had been taken over by Kraft foods- owners of the Kenco Coffee Company- we knew there would be changes in store. Kraft would want to make this popular brand even more popular. It looks like one of the ways that they are looking at to diversify Cadburys is buy agreeing to launch the Cadbury Cocoa House – their own coffee shops. It is thought that Kraft will not be financially backing this venture- but a group of retail entrepreneurs will be. It will be a hard market to penetrate as the coffee shop market is already saturated. Early reports say that the shops may have in house chocolatiers to make giant versions of our favourite chocolate bars such as Twirls, Curley Wurleys and Flakes that are able to wrapped up to take home. The Cadbury Cocoa House is also going to launch affordable afternoon teas and yummy hot chocolates. It looks like the first Cadbury Cocoa House will be opened in London by the end of the year… I can’t wait!! Written by: Katie from WestWays Vending
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