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Cadbury Giant Thumbs Up!

Cadbury Giant Thumbs Up!When Cadbury Dairy Milk ‘s Facebook page reaching a million fans- Cadbury wanted to say Thank You to all their fans. Not satisfied with just saying thank you to everyone, they decided to make a sculpture. And what would Cadbury Dairy Milk make a sculpture out of? You guessed it! Of course, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk! When I first heard about it, I thought that they would melt the chocolate- like Choccywoccydoodah‘s sculptures that you see in their shop, in Brighton. But, instead they literally built it out of  one million chunks of Dairy Milk chocolate! You can watch their YouTube video here to see how they have done it.  If this has made you hungry- hopefully there is one of our operated vending machines nearby  for you to grab a yummy chocolate bar from!

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