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Cadbury Mini Eggs now available in WestWays Vending Machines in Sussex, Kent and Surrey

As the days lengthen and the spring flowers brighten up gardens and hedgerows, we are all starting to anticipate the arrival of better weather (although as I write this, more snow is threatening!). To complement the work of Mother Nature, the arrival of Easter confectionary brightens up our shopping experience too. Every time I visit the supermarket, more seasonal lines are appearing in anticipation of the forthcoming holiday.

At WestWays Vending we are playing our part too. In the last few weeks our vending operators have been introducing bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs into the vending machines on their routes, throughout Sussex, Kent and Surrey. These popular treats were introduced by the Cadbury Company in 1967, as an Easter line. The egg is solid milk chocolate encased in a thin coating of hard candy “shell”, moulded to resemble a miniature egg. Sadly, it is no longer made in England, but in a factory in Poland, nonetheless, they are a popular snack for adults and children. I also like to have some in the kitchen to decorate my Easter recipes.
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