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Cashless Coffee Vending – Update Your Office in 2019

Contactless & Cashless Coffee Vending for a Cashless Society.

The days of having a pocket full of change are almost over. Cash is no longer necessary for daily small transactions. In fact many car parks and public transport no longer accept cash.

Westways Vending recognises that people no longer carry cash “just in case”.

Easy Nayax Payment System

Our Bean To Cup Coffee Machines offer the facility for Nayax cashless and contactless devices. So if your team need a coffee to get them going in the morning or fancy a quick coffee post lunch, they can just waive or insert their card, or use Apple Pay to get thier fix. The choice of delicious coffee will be the hardest part – Westways Vending offer shop style espresso based coffees, creamy hot chocolate or freshly brewed tea, or a refreshingly chilled drink.

The Best Solution for Your Office – Bean To Cup Vending

Bean to cup is the perfect option for any office. The variety of machine size and hot beverage options that you can offer mean your team will never want to leave the office.

Find out more about our Cashless office In-Cup Drinks Machines and our Bean to Cup Coffee Pod Machines

Improve Your Office Productivity

Not only will this easy pay option prevent your team from having to treck to the local coffee shop, but ‘Studies by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information found that caffeine can improve performance by 11-12%, on average.’

How Can Coffee Make Your Team More Productive?

So if you fancy improving office productivity, enhancing office culture or maybe just an amazing coffee right from your workplace, Westways Vending cashless payment systems will not leave you disappointed!

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