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NHS Bans Large Chocolate Bars and Sweet Bags | CQUIN Healthy Vending

The NHS Bans Large Chocolate Bars & Sweet Bags

The NHS is taking action on the amount of sugar and confectionary items we eat as they take a step against increasing obesity levels by banning Large Chocolate Bars & Sweet Bags from being sold within their facilities. The ban includes
  • 250 calorie limit for sweets and chocolate sold in hospitals
  • 400 calorie limit for 75% of pre-packed sandwiches
  • 5g limit of saturated fat per 100g in meals
  • 5g limit of added sugar per 100ml in drinks

Westways’ CQUIN compliant Healthy Vending

Our CQUIN compliant vending comprises a carefully selected range of quality snacks, confectionary, and cold drinks, designed to meet the taste expectations of customers and the nutritional demands of the NHS. Furthermore, every product is passed by our discerning taste panel before being included in our range.

Fully Operated Vending Service for NHS CQUIN Compliance

Westways Vending provides a fully managed vending service. Our trained staff all have DBS clearance. They will attend at regular intervals to re-stock and maintain the equipment. We are able to provide a full audit trail, regular reports and cashless payment systems.

Working with Sussex Hospitals to Provide CQUIN Compliant Vending

Westways Vending has been working with various NHS Trusts throughout Sussex for some time. All of the vending machines we fully manage in these Sussex Hospitals have already been configured to meet the NHS CQUIN requirements for healthy eating which are being referred to in today’s headlines. For more information about our NHS Compliant vending service , please contact us or call 0800 195 3170

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