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Dreaming of A White KitKat

Nestle have recently extended their Product Technology Centre, based in York, for confectionery in the UK.

This is where teams of technologists, scientists, engineers, food chemists, confectioners, nutritionists and other experts work on developing ideas for confectionery. From new manufacturing, raw material processing and packaging methods, to the reformulation of existing products. Nestlé has expanded the miniature factory, at the heart of the this facility, where new technologies are developed and tested before being used in its factories around the world.

Here at WestWays Vending, customers using our snack vending machines in Sussex, Kent and Surrey are enjoying the limited edition White Kit Kat Chunky, which was originally launched some while ago, and now reappears for the winter season. One of our operators said that they are so popular they are “flying off the shelf!” Of course in a vending machine this is not technically possible, but we have seen people waiting hungrily as their much awaited confectionary vends and lands in the dispensing drawer. Why not try one, and you will soon be  “dreaming of a white Kit Kat”!
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