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Healthy Vending in the Workplace | Healthy Vending

Healthy Vending in the Workplace

Employers may well ask themselves why they should consider what’s on sale in their vending machines. After all, the vending company is appointed to look after everything, individuals have a choice as to whether to use the machines or not, so why get involved?

Why are Healthy Refreshments Important?

By providing employees with a healthy range of refreshments your business may have more to gain than you think. Employees will feel valued if their employer helps to promote wellness in the workplace by offering a selection of quality snacks, and drinks which takes into account nutritional expectations of the staff. It’s widely believed that healthy employees are more productive and take less time off work.

What Constitutes “Healthy Options”?

Westways Vending has been working with Sussex NHS Trusts for some time, and we have a product range which meets NHS requirements. This includes popcorn, baked snacks, nuts, fruit and cereal bars, rice cakes, nuts and seeds, all of which are now available in our workplace and public sites too. As an independent vending operator, we offer a bespoke product selection to suit individual requirements, including low fat, low sugar, gluten-free and dairy-free choices.

What is NHS CQUIN Compliant Vending 2018/2019? | Healthy Vending

A Healthy Vending Machine

The choice of equipment itself is important. It goes without saying that the latest models are A++ rated. Machines can be fitted with touch screens which can display nutritional information prior to purchasing. This may encourage people to make healthier selections. Contactless payment systems can provide the opportunity for subsidised or free vending on certain lines to encourage staff to take regular breaks and eat well. It’s all about service.

Large Snacks Machine
And finally the service you receive should provide regular visits to re-stock and clean your vending machines to the highest standard. Westways prides itself in delivering attentive customer service, which ensures that each year we maintain our industry accreditation. To find out more about our Healthy Vending Machines, please explore our call us on 0800 195 3170.

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