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How Can Coffee Make Your Team More Productive? | Office Vending

Coffee is a large part of working life culture, and could be having a positive effect on your employees. This article explains just how your workplace productivity could be improved by offering coffee to your employees. How Can Coffee Make Your Team More Productive

Coffee Creates a Positive Office Culture:

Studies on the effect of coffee have shown that participants who have had caffeine are more positive, outgoing, and more likely to participate in group discussion, than compared to those who have had no caffeine. A recent study, published in Journal of Psychopharmacology, was directly related to coffee within the work environment, asking participants who took part to partake in group work. Participants were either given caffeine or not, and were asked to rate their teamwork experience. Researchers found that those who had caffeine rated not only their own performance in the discussion more positively, but also the performance of the whole group. The participants who had consumed caffeine also had a more positive attitude towards their fellow group members and were more willing to work in the same group again. This shows that coffee may have real benefits for boosting workplace moral and increasing communication.

Improved Health Benefits to Your Employees:

In addition to inducing more positive employees, coffee can also increase wellbeing through health. It has been found that coffee can contribute to good health due to its antioxidant properties, being a source of essential nutrients, and its effect on neurotransmitters. According to the Oxford Journal of Nutrition it has now been shown that that ‘most people get more antioxidants from coffee than fruits and vegetables… combined.’ Although it should be noted that the antioxidants in coffee are not the same as those in fruit and vegetables and a balanced diet is always the best way to get all the nutrients you need. If you employ individuals who work manually, then the benefits can also be seen in physical health. Studies by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information found that caffeine can improve physical performance by 11-12%, on average.

Essential Energy Boost:

Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that makes us sleepy. The caffeine found in coffee blocks this neurotransmitter, therefore keeping your cells running and increasing your energy levels. We then feel the effect of this as an energy boost and are stimulated. It is these chemical reactions occurring in our brains that make coffee such a great drink for boosting workplace productivity.

How A Coffee Vending Machine Could Improve Your workplace.

So as you can see, coffee provides a variety of benefits to help make your team more productive and postitive at work, helping you implement great employee engagement, communication, and teamwork. A coffee Vending Machine at your workplace is a great way to help employees become more productive. At Westways Vending, we offer fully managed Coffee Vending Machines, that are efficient, and affordable, so you can provide coffee for your colleagues effortlessly. No matter what size your business we offer something for everyone. If you would like to know more take a look at our Coffee Vending Machines or contact us today 0800 1953170.
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