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iSample by Kraft Foods

If George Orwell in 1984 wrote about vending machines, I bet it would have been similar to the iSample by Kraft and Intel. I don’t mean that Kraft and Intel are using this technology to take over the world. They have, instead, created a vending machine that can analyse a customers age and gender. It uses technology that looks at a customers face and by uses a series of calculations to work out these information.

Kraft and Intel stress that it cannot identify individuals and will not store the images. Instead, Kraft is using the machine to understand how people buy. They are testing it with their new Temptations by Jell-o range– which is only available in America (as with many other fun items!)

The iSample machine will only issue a sample of Temptations to adults, Kraft use the data for their own marketing purposes. Kraft say that this is another way of product sampling and creating a buzz for new products. I personally say anything that gives me a free pudding must be good!!
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