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The Keurig KCup Coffee Maker – Your “Must Have” Coffee Machine

Coffee on demand

The grab and go coffee culture is definitely here to stay. This means that people expect to be able to grab refreshments throughout the day, whether they are at work, or at leisure. Westways Vending is delighted to work in partnership with Keurig UK to introduce the Keurig KCup brewing system, ideal for any situation requiring quality hot drinks on demand.

Not just any drink will do

Consumers are demanding. The coffee shop culture has raised the bar in expectation. We are prepared to walk away from an inferior offering, rather than settle for second best.

Good quality drinks create a good impression, for employees and customers alike. The quality of drinks on offer can have a massive impact on consumers’ perception of the provider. So whether you are offering drinks for staff, visitors or clients, your refreshments say a lot about you.

Keurig Coffee Makers have the answer

The Keurig KCup coffee machine from Westways Vending offers a fresh cup of coffee at any time of day with no mess and no fuss. Keurig KCup coffee pods are foil-sealed and contain fresh ground coffee and a filter paper. The individual portions ensure that your coffee is freshly brewed every time you make a drink. Consumers are delighted to find that they can select their favourite coffee blend from the range, including Starbucks and Green Mountain.

“Not everyone drinks coffee”

The great thing about the Keurig brewing system is that it also makes a brilliant cup of tea. Each KCup pod contains an individual serving of tea, and a filter paper, producing a cuppa as delicious as if it had been made with a kettle. The Keurig KCup range of teas includes Twining’s Breakfast Tea, Twinings Earl Grey Tea and Twinings Green Tea.

And for the chocolate lovers, the Café Escapes Hot Chocolate is as deliciously satisfying as any coffee shop equivalent. Simply pop your KCup hot chocolate pod into the Keurig KCup brewer for an indulgent treat at any time of day!

A machine you can trust

Keurig Brewing Systems are incredibly reliable. They are the number one coffee machine in North America. However, for complete peace of mind, Westways Vending offers a free replacement to customers in contract.

The Keurig K140 is a refillable single cup coffee machine. At the touch of a button, it brews the best cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate in a range of drink sizes, in under a minute, and is a highly cost-effective office coffee machine.

The Keurig 150P is a commercial coffee machine. It connects to your own plumbing system, and will reliably produce up to 100 drinks per day in a choice of drink sizes. The Keurig 150P the ideal choice of office coffee machine for the larger workplace or hospitality environment.

Select the Keurig KCup Brewing System from Westways Vending for happy staff, visitors and guests. A Keurig is your “must have” coffee machine.

For more details about this exciting brewing system please call Ian on 0800 195 3170 or email [email protected].
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