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Making Your Workplace More Efficient with Vending Technology | Office Vending

What’s new in vending technology?

Our continued change in lifestyle towards eating and drinking away from home has created a place for vending in numerous outlets, wherever people are at leisure or on the move. High street coffee culture has had an enormous effect on the vending industry, requiring us to “up our game” in terms beverage quality. Vending machines have had to keep pace with the Baristas on the high street. The nutritional quality of our snacks and cold drinks range is currently receiving well-publicised scrutiny to which the industry and its suppliers are responding.

Catch the news while your tea brews…

With the development of media screens on vending equipment comes the ability to communicate. Advertisements, messages and news is displayed to engage consumers whilst they wait for their snacks or drinks. Engagement encourages loyalty and hopefully sales. Once a conversation begins, no longer will the vending machine sit quietly in the corner. Engage with your vending machine. The latest models of snack and cold drinks machines feature touch screens, allowing nutritional information to be displayed prior to purchasing. A “shopping cart” feature allows users to purchase several items at one time, with the facility for “meal deals” to be offered. Coffee machines are becoming equally interactive. With touch screens resembling an iPad, User Apps can be downloaded to allow users to fully customise their drink, place an order and check consumption statistics directly from a smartphone. The perfect recipe can even be saved to favourites. Special offers and discounts can be offered to regular users to create loyalty.

A pocket full of coins is a thing of the past

Cashless payment systems have been in existence for a number of years, however the way we use them has changed. Waive and Pay, Apple Pay and Google Wallet are now mainstream ways of paying for small transactions. Bespoke charge cards featuring your company logo can be used to provide staff with a limited number of free drinks. With people carrying less small change, cashless payment systems are becoming essential.

It’s “all about the coffee”

No matter how interactive and engaging the vending machine becomes, our drive and vision will remain rooted in delivering the very best cup of coffee using the best ingredients, and offering a range of snacks which meets nutritional expectations, all delivered from well maintained equipment. To find out more about what we do at Westways Vending please explore our site or call 0800 195 3170 .
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