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New Product Line!!

We, at WestWays Towers, are rather excited about a new product launch. We have known it was coming for a while but we finally have Milka bars from Kraft to put into our vending machines dotted around Kent, Sussex and Surrey!! Milka is distinctive with its lilac-colour packaging. It has a smooth and creamy taste which is accredited to the alpine milk that comes from the Swiss alps. It has a distinctive taste which you will always remember, and if you have never had it then you really are missing out!! You may have seen the advertising TV campaign for Milka, if not here it is my favourite is the cow-tractor. Milka has been around for ages, but the product has been relaunched with new 45g size bars, which we are selling through our machines. There are also different varities of bars such Milka-Daim, Milka Hazlenut, Milka Happy Cows (my fave- milk and white chocolate) and Milka chocolate cream. Written by: Katie from WestWays Vending
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