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Saving Coffee From Extinction-Is Your Coffee Sustainable? | Vending & The Environment

Considering Coffee, Climate Change & The Environment

New research shows 60 percent of coffee species found in the wild could soon become extinct. Researchers at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in the U.K. warn climate change deforestation, droughts, and plant diseases are putting the future of coffee at risk.

The most popular kind of coffee for commercial production, Arabica, is already on the endangered species list.

This is an alarming headline to read. Economic and climatic factors are affecting every part of the natural world, and currently the threat to our coffee is headlining.

An Environmental Paradox

Coffee grows naturally in forested areas, however this very environment is being destroyed, not only for human needs but also for the creation of coffee plantations.

The Environmental Impact of Disposable Coffee Cups

Investment From Consumers

Coffee production has long been associated with poor management and inferior harvests.

Schemes such as UTZ and Rainforest Alliance are designed to be mutually beneficial to growers and buyers. A fair price for coffee beans and investment into coffee growing communities is made. In return, growers must achieve a quality standard in their practice and the quality of the harvest. Large coffee companies make major investments into coffee growing, harvesting and exporting systems, which although commendable, is driven by the increasing demand of the coffee culture.

The Coffee Economy

Despite significant Corporate investment, the media still reports unfavourable labour practices with low wages, long hours, no benefits, and child labour within coffee farming. Growing urbanisation attracts workers to towns and cities, where employment conditions are more attractive. A labour deficit is appearing in rural areas.

Time to heed the warning signs

Time will tell how the coffee industry progresses. The gloomy outlook is a projection of current statistics. As in all markets, there are those that can make a success where others fail. With continued investment and mutual co-operation, let’s hope the warning signs are noted, that conservation projects triumph and coffee growing thrives.

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