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Summer Snacking News from Westway Vending

This month we are delighted to bring you news of some delicious new snacking lines.

We always enjoy tasting samples as they come into the office, and we think that this new Kit Kat Cookie Dough is sure to be popular. Research says that young adults between 25 and 34 are three times more likely to buy a product that is new or different, so come on guys, get tasting! And if you are outside of this demographic, then why not be brave and buck the trend?

Look out for Kit Kat Cookie Dough in Westways’ snack vending machines throughout Sussex, Kent and Surrey later this month, and make Kit Kat Cookie Dough your summer snacking treat!


Will our summer ever be too hot to eat chocolate? Who knows, but if you fancy something lighter and more refreshing, why not try new Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Infusions? You won’t be surprised to hear that we have tasted these too! In fact we don’t sell anything we have not already tasted, and believe you me, there are a lot of products that do not make it past our discriminating tasting panel at Westways Vending, but these new Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Infusions are a definite winner. The flavouring and colouring is much more subtle than traditional pastilles, and we love the new handy packaging. Our childhood favourite has just grown up!

At Westways Vending we take product sourcing for our coffee, drinks & snack vending machines seriously. Our latest challenge has been to source good quality fruit-based drinks which meet our own exacting nutritional specifications. We were really pleased to see the arrival of the Sunmagic Hydra Juice range. These drinks are made from 45% fruit juice, and the 330ml portion size is perfect for children and adults alike. Furthermore, we were delighted to find that the Lemon and Lime has just 19Kcal per 100ml,and the Apple and Mango has 23Kcal per 100ml, making this range school compliant. Delicious!

Hydra-Juice-apple hydra-juice-orange

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Image sources: Nivo Group ,Talking Retail.

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