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The UK is a nation of chocolate lovers, says Mintel

Just 5% of Brits haven’t eaten chocolate in the past six months, according to the latest research from Mintel.

  Other findings from the study show:

  • A third (31%) of Brits have eaten seasonal chocolates in the past six months, meanwhile, slightly less      (a quarter or 26%) have bought these seasonal treats.
  • Milk is top of the chocs, with 57% of British chocolate eaters having eaten milk chocolate in the past six months.
  • Dark is a favourite for one in four (23%) Brits, while just 7% opt for the white variety.

    One in five British chocolate eaters (20%) claim that they don’t like the flavour of dark chocolate. And it is the over-55s who are much more likely to prefer dark – with 38% of chocolate eaters in this age group claiming to, compared with just 16% of under-34s.

  Four in 10 (40%) British choc eaters believe dark is healthier than milk or white and 16% look for chocolate with higher cocoa content. For 13% of British chocolate eaters any chocolate will do, as 13% have no preference over flavour. Some 22% of British chocolate eaters look for exciting flavours such as chilli or wasabi in their chocolate. Individual chocolate bars are the UK’s favourite chocs, eaten by 72% of Brits in the past six months.
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