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Vending Items Theft

An advert for an insurance company in Australia has been banned. The advert shows Sam Thaiday, an Australian rugby player shaking a vending machine which results in lots of products falling out. The Australian Advertising Standards Board banned the ad as they say that it depicts theft, as the rugby player may have paid for one or two items- but certainly not all the items that came out of the machine.

As a vending operator we have machines located on many different sites, including schools, leisure centres, offices and factories. Theft is something that does concern us, but has happened very rarely since we have been in business. This could be the relationships that we have with our customers or that most people are very honest: in the past we have been told if the machine is vending items free of charge or if an operator has accidentally left a door open. While watching the Australian ad, what concerned me the most wasn’t the theft was the rugby player pushing the machine. As mentioned in other blogs, vending machines are incredibly heavy pieces of equipment. Showing someone pushing against one is quite irresponsible- if that machine falls it could lead to serious injuries or even death.

Written by: Katie from WestWays

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