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Vending Machine Servicing

As well as supplying Kenco coffee products and vending machines WestWays also service vending equipment. It may be equipment that a company has owned for a long time and requires an engineer to fix or it could be something bought privately that needs some work and a service on it. We may not have sold the equipment or supplied the stock– but that doesn’t stop our engineers being able to work on your equipment.

Our engineers are fully trained to service all the major manufactures vending machines including Crane, Coffetek, Azkoyen and Kenco and they know most coffee machines, snack machines and can machines. Not only are they vending engineers but they are actual engineers- if something electrical is broken or needs modifying they are there with their trusty tool kits! One of our engineers loves his Blackberry phone so much that he has taken it apart, cleaned and repaired it himself many times: we can’t believe its still going after all these years (not that we would recommend this as it may invalidate warranties!!). They will endeavour to fix anything that is put in front of them, if it’s a machine that they have not come across before we will endeavour to obtain a technical manual and the manufacturers contact details.

As well as wanting all your servicing work, WestWays also believe in charging fairly. We have had to use other service companies in the past for holiday cover and we where shocked at how they charged us. One company charged from the time the engineer switched off his engine to the time he turned it back on again, another for the time that the engineer waited on the premises for someone to show him where the machine is. WestWays do not charge like this: we allow waiting time for the engineer and only charge from when he starts work on the equipment to when he stops. Because of this the engineers have built a good rapport with our customers; as they are on the road all the day they may stop in a cafe on site to have a drink or some lunch, or may stretch their legs looking around retail premises.

Written by: Katie from WestWays Vending

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