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What does Refurbished mean?

You may notice that as well as new machines WestWays also sell refurbished equipment. But, as a customer – what does refurbished equipment mean for you? We have several sources of supply for refurbished machines: customers who are replacing their current equipment, refurbished machine suppliers and we also buy vending equipment from people getting rid of theirs. These machines come into our warehouse and are assessed by our trained engineers. The engineers may decide that it may not worth refurbishing the machine as it may require too much work or they won’t be able to bring the machine up to grade for a customers premises. If this is the case, the engineers will strip the machine: take off parts that they can reuse. This is part of our environmental policy: we will never scrap anything that we can reuse with a bit of work. If the engineers deem the vending machine as good – then their work starts. Obviously, it varies from machine to machine- as refurbishing a coffee machine is different to a cold drinks machine and what state the equipment is in to start with. As a rule of thumb: the engineers start by cleaning the machine: which is what Will was doing when he was on work experience with us. People tend to think that being an engineer is quite glamorous, but they spend quite a large amount of their time with their hands in rubber gloves cleaning parts! When the clean is over the engineers start testing the machine, normally this means seeing what is working on the machines. If a part isn’t working they replace it if they cannot repair it. After they test the machine, make sure everything is doing what its supposed to be doing, they then PAT test it. Sometimes problems that will come out in the future, such as boilers not heating, show up in the PAT test and it also gives our customers piece of mind that their electrical equipment has been properly checked out. I heard a horror story about a machine being delivered directly from manufacturer onto site which had been wired wrongly: when the machine was plugged in it gave whoever touched it an electrical shock!! We have never had a problem like this as we thoroughly check the machine over before it leaves and the engineers test fully with products to make sure there are no safety issues. Once the engineer is happy that the machine is performing well, their last job is to make sure the machine looks good. The WestWays general rule is that the machine needs to look like new and not to give our engineers big heads but they normally achieve this high standard. Sometimes it just takes a bit of spit and polish and the machine scrubs up alright, but sometimes glass has to be replaced in snack machines, decals changed on can machines and whole doors on beverage machines. Our engineers do like a challenge! All in all, we like to give our customers piece of mind that while their refurbished machine may not be new and had a former home that our engineers will do all that they can to make the machine like new. A second hand machine does not mean a second rate machine. Written by: Katie from WestWays Vending
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