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What is NHS CQUIN Compliant Vending 2018/2019? | Healthy Vending

Staff Illness costing the NHS 2.4 billion

In 2015 Public Health England found that cost of staff absence to be 2.4 billion CQUIN, the “Commissioning for Quality and Innovation,” is a scheme that rewards Hospitals for improving working conditions with financial awards, and its current focus is on the widespread implementation of healthy food within all hospitals around the UK. The focus since 2015 has been to reduce staff absence and increase staff engagement, through the provision of healthy food and drink both to staff and patients. Therefore, in order to be CQUIN compliant suppliers to the NHS must follow set standards in respect of food calories and sugar levels in both snack and drinks, within food outlets vending machines on NHS premises.

Providing CQUIN Compliant Vending 2018/2019

In 2018/19 the guidelines for CQUIN compliance for vending machines are:
  • 80% of drinks must contain less than 5g of sugar per 100ml (find out more about healthy vending and the sugar tax)
  • All confectionery must not exceed 250 calories.
  • All savoury snacks must not exceed 30g pack size.

What do Westways Vending Offer?

At Westways Vending we supply CQUIN compliant vending machines that not only meet the NHS standards, but also offer options for a variety of dietary requirements including dairy free, gluten free, low sugar, and low fat. Our healthy snack range can be tailored to suit both you and your employees’ individual needs, offering a range of refreshments in your vending machine which is compliant with the CQUIN standard. Westways Vending is an independent vending service. Our product range is not restricted to particular manufactures; therefore, we can offer a selection of popular products whilst still allowing your vending machines to be CQUIN compliant. Our fizzy drink options include flavoured and sparkling water, or for those who love Pepsi, we also offer the new Pepsi Max range. Customers who prefer fruit drinks and juices are also catered for as well as those who would like to opt for a zero-calorie offering. Westways Vending ensures that 80% of drinks contain only 5g sugar per 100ml and that 20% of cold drinks that contain sugar are a maximum size of 330ml. Most popular chocolate bars are manufactured to below 250g, in addition we also include cereal bars, popcorn, fruit and nut options in our CQUIN compliant vending machines. Both Healthy Snack Vending Machines and Healthy Drink Machines are suitable to supply within your NHS building, or if you are looking for a Healthy Vending Service within your School, Sports Centre or Building.

CQUIN Compliant Vending Doesn’t Just Have to be for Hospitals:

Westways Vending not only want to see our CQUIN compliant vending machines used in NHS bulding but in a variety of facilities. Some of our business clients have selected our CQUIN compliant planogram to provide healthy options to staff and customers wherever they are. The benefits of offering a healthy vending machine are:
  • Ensuring that everyone is catered for
  • Ensuring that staff and customers fell appreciated and looked after
  • Increasing productivity in the workplace.
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