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Why the Tassimo Professional?

I have to admit, we are a little bit sceptical at WestWays Vending. There are quite a lot of coffee vending machines being launched each month and we always ask: what’s the difference, why is this special and who is it aimed at? To sell the equipment, as a company you kind of have to believe in it. I believe, personally, it starts with the engineers. The engineers need to know that it’s a reliable machine, that is easy to fix; if it’s a machine that constantly breaks down or has manufacturing faults they will not want us selling it: who wants to constantly fix a machine and see unhappy customers? After the engineers believe in it- then the sales consultants need to: they need to see who the machine is aimed at, how it is different and that it is the right machine for our customers. If the machine is operated then our operations manager and his team need to be happy with it’s reliability, how easy it is to get parts off to clean and that it is the right machine for the site. A real team effort! We have gone through the same process for the new Tassimo Professional. The engineers went on a training course at Kenco’s ‘Centre of Excellence’ (that is what it’s called) to learn about the machine, its parts and how to remedy faults. They were pleased as the machine was made by Bravilor Bonamat, whose fresh ingredient coffee machines we sell – so we know that they are a trusted and efficient manufacturer. The engineers also found the machine really simple to use and diagnose. The touch button at the top is the button that they use for fault-finding and the display is large and clear enough to understand. The sales team went, also to Kenco’s Centre of Excellence to find out how the machine works and its usability. I have to say now, that the people that went are fussy, one is a trained barista and the other three know their Kenco coffee’s and teas. They came back beaming- saying what wonderful drinks it makes- how the espresso tastes so good, the hot chocolate is divine and the cappuccino looks and tastes fantastic. The rest of us had training on the Tassimo Professional by Adrian from Kenco in our offices. He showed the administration staff and the operators what the machine did and how it worked. The machine won’t be an operated machine, but they wanted to sample the drinks and understand how it works- as they often get asked questions when they deliver products. The first thing they noticed was how easy the machine was to clean- the empty T-DISC’s drop down into a bucket inside the machine, which needs to be emptied and periodically wiped down: a lot easier then bean to cup machines! We were all amazed by the consistent quality of drinks- again unlike some bean to cup machines. The administration staff liked the fact that they could vary the drink size: I am all for a larger drink as it means I have to get up less and others prefer drinks smaller and more concentrated. All in all, we at WestWays Vending like the Tassimo Professional and thinks that it has a unique niche in the market. It is a machine that makes great quality, branded drinks, consistently. It allows each drink to be personalised and is easy to use and clean. Written by: Katie from WestWays Vending
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