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  • cold drinks machine
  • cold drinks machine
  • cold drinks machine

    In order to provide our clients with the widest choice of cold drinks, Westways Vending installs unbranded drink vending machines. While other companies may only stock an exclusive Coca Cola vending machine, at Westways our unbrandedcold drinks vending machines allow us to offer a comprehensive selection of top selling brands, including cans, bottles and cartons, which can be tailored to suit the requirements of individual sites. Whether you’re looking for drinks vending machine rental for an educational site; sports and leisure; healthcare; or for the workplace, Westways Vending has cold drinks vending machines to suit your specific needs.

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  • Vending Miser®

    VendingMiser® uses a Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor to monitor the surrounding area and power down the vending machine when the surrounding area is vacant. VendingMiser® also monitors the room’s temperature and automatically repowers the vending machine at 1-3 hour intervals (independent of occupancy) to ensure that the vended product remains at the correct temperature. VendingMiser® will never power down a vending machine while the compressor is running, eliminating compressor short cycling which damages the compressor and it will always allow a cooling cycle to run to completion before powering down – to make sure the product is kept at the right temperature.

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