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  • Free-standing Instant Coffee Machine
  • Free-standing Instant Coffee Machine
  • Free-standing Instant Coffee Machine

    For high-volume and public sites, traditional vending machines produce drinks in large numbers and with speed. These efficient machines are available in a range of models to suit differing needs and requirements.
    We can team this machine with new Kenco Milicano. It is a “wholebean instant” coffee which delivers a flavour reminiscent of roast and ground, and is proving hugely successful with our customers.
    This range of machines is also available with bean to cup and fresh brew tea options.

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    • Delivers a complete range of 11 high quality coffees and teas at the exact strength , temperature and appearance the customer expects.
    • Available as either free vend machine, or fitted with fully electronic coin validator which accepts all coins plus token or full change-giver. Fully compatible with the I-Key cashless payment system available.
    • Maintenance warranty available
    • Water filter required.

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  • Vending Miser®

    VendingMiser® uses a Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor to monitor the surrounding area and power down the vending machine when the surrounding area is vacant. VendingMiser® also monitors the room’s temperature and automatically repowers the vending machine at 1-3 hour intervals (independent of occupancy) to ensure that the vended product remains at the correct temperature. VendingMiser® will never power down a vending machine while the compressor is running, eliminating compressor short cycling which damages the compressor and it will always allow a cooling cycle to run to completion before powering down – to make sure the product is kept at the right temperature.

  • Water Filters

    Keeping your equipment at its optimum performance is important. Water filters are fitted to hot drinks machines to preserve the quality of hot drinks and to prevent the machine from scale, which can inhibit the performance and lead to costly repairs. We will determine the most appropriate filter for your situation, depending on the hardness of the water and the type of machine. The filter needs to be replaced at regular intervals, and our service department will attend periodically to do this, according to the schedule we have recommended.

  • Ancillaries

    To complete your drinks menu we are pleased to supply a range of ancillary products, including milk jiggers, sugar sachets, and stirrers. Our customer service will be pleased to give you further information on our current range.

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